personality assignment unique words please

Imagine that you are a mental health provider and are talking to someone on the phone who is wondering about your services and therapy in general. Given the variety of types of psychotherapy presented in the textbook, which would you provide? To make this decision, you will need to understand each type of therapy as well as evaluate which is most effective.

First, for each of the treatments listed in your textbook, you will need to:

1) write a 2-3 sentence summary that explains what that treatment believes to be the source of the disorder (9 points total; 1.5 points each)

2) write a 2-3 sentence explanation of one main technique used in that treatment (6 points total; 1 point each)

The treatments you need to write about are:

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Behavior therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Group treatments
  • Biological treatments

Second, select one of these treatments and find evidence that supports the effectiveness of the treatment. In other words, how do we know that this type of therapy works to help people overcome their disorder? This evidence should be from a reputable source and should be quantitative – using numbers to indicate effectiveness. You can research the evidence on your own using the internet

In-text and full citations in APA format are required!

Format (2 pt):

  • Introduction paragraph (at least 3 sentences): Includes a definition of psychotherapy, an overview of the approaches to treatment, and a statement of the treatment you believe to be most effective.
  • Paragraph 1 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining psychoanalysis and explanation of one psychoanalytic technique.
  • Paragraph 2 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining person-centered therapy and explanation of one PCC technique.
  • Paragraph 3 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining behavioral therapy and explanation of one behavioral technique.
  • Paragraph 4 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining cognitive therapy and explanation of one cognitive technique.
  • Paragraph 5 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining group treatments and explanation of one group technique.
  • Paragraph 6 (4-6 sentences): Summary explaining biological treatments and explanation of one biological technique.
  • Paragraph 7 (at least 3 sentences): Clear statement of which type of therapy is the most effective. This statement is supported by at least reputable and quantitative evidence.
  • Conclusion paragraph (at least 3 sentences): A summary of the treatment approaches, and the most effective therapy.

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