Phase Contrast and Brightfield Microscopy Lab Report

Phase Contrast and Brightfield Microscopy Lab Report

Need a min of 250 words describing the two images following the instructions given. only do the sections that is highlighter in the instructions. Thank you in advance.

Lab Project: Figure 2
In this project you’ll analyze a set of 2 images collected of the same sample using Phase Contrast and Brightfield
microscopy. Your goal is to decide whether the Phase Contrast image is an improvement over Brightfield. Support your
conclusion with descriptions of what is visible in the two images.
Refer to instructions from your previous lab assignments for detailed steps in ImageJ and MSWord.
Analyze your assigned image set
Check CANVAS for the image set you’ve been assigned. Download both images (A and B). Look at them and decide which
image is the Phase Contrast (Ph) image and which is the Brightfield (BF) image.
Find locations in the images (the same in both) that illustrate the benefits and drawbacks of phase contrast microscopy:
• Find a region with a difference in contrast between the two images
• Find a halo in the Ph image (and the corresponding halo-free region in the BF image
A very little bit of information on the samples is provided on CANVAS. This is all the information you need for your
figure. The biology of the sample is not what is being analyzed. The structures and images are all that are important.

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Assemble the images into 2 panels of a figure
Crop out squares and arrange the images side by side with the BF image on the left and the Ph image on the right.
Label each panel
Label the images A (left side) and B (right side).
Add Symbols to identify regions for comparison
Use whatever symbols/shapes make sense are are easy to identify.
Write a Legend
This is Figure 2.
The title should answer the question: “Does phase contrast microscopy improve the image of a specimen?”
Legend text
The Legend should be written in paragraph format (no bullets/outlining) in simple, complete sentences.
Give a brief introduction to the “experiment” and identify the image panels individually by letter.
Make it clear what the difference between the panels is in terms of how they were collected.
State your conclusion about whether phase contrast improves the image.
Support your conclusion by analyzing the images. Find specific regions in both panels to compare. Describe how that
region looks in all panels. Try to be as precise as possible when you describe the images. Don’t just say this one looks
better or worse. Or more like it or less like it. If possible, describe and compare the regions in terms of contrast or
resolution. If an image has better contrast, it will have more obvious difference between dark/light regions. Better
resolution will allow you to see distinct objects as opposed to indistinct blobs. Describe what is visible to make these
The first time you refer to the regions you are comparing, reference the symbol/shape that you added to the image to
identify them.
Make sure everything you submit is your own work.
You may not copy images, labels, symbols, titles, or legend text from any other student, published source, online source,
or class materials.