Philosophies Of Classical Antiquity

Paper 2Instructions

Please choose one of the below questions and write a 3-5 page paper on it using a very tight traditional construction: introduction with thesis and previewed steps of development, body paragraphs, and conclusion that restates thesis and steps very clearly.

  1. What are the three main differences between the philosophies of classical antiquity as we have studied it and Christian-based philosophy?
  2. In what three ways do you think Socrates might be considered a Christian thinker?
  3. What are three major lessons that you have learned from the course so far? Please explain in terms of your own life, goals, and experiences. Be very concrete but feel free to fictionalize some.
  4. Focus on the introductory paragraph to Descartes Meditation I and show a) Why Descartes feels that he should doubt, b) why this is difficult, and c) why it is useful. Use abundant examples from your own life to show that âdoubtâ is an attitude that is valuable to you and your contemporaries

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