photovoice 3

After watching, what are your thoughts? Did this video help clarify what is meant by intersectionality for you (if so, what became clearer?)? What would you change to make the analogy fit better to your experiences? (3-4 sentences will do, more always welcome!)

Then, please read Cole, E. R. (2009). Intersectionality and research in psychology. American
Psychologist, 64(3), 170-180. I will put the PDF of this article in the Announcements section. Please answer the following questions:

Whose concerns and what concerns brought about the birth of the
concept of intersectionality?
What did Crenshaw critique in law and legal studies?
What are the 3 major questions Cole recommends?
 For each of the 3 questions raised by Cole-
 What is the purpose of this question?
 Provide an example of bias in research this question aims to
 How does the question help improve research?
 What are the benefits of this question? How will psychological
science get better?

As always, please avoid direct quotations from the article- I’m interested in your thoughts!

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