Planning Research Projects

Planning Research Projects

For this discussion activity, consider a topic that you are interested in researching. Describe whether you would choose a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods method to approach the topic. Using the guidelines for deciding the applicable approach in Chapter 4, detail why you believe your choice is appropriate for the types of data used for decision-making in your chosen industry. Be sure to mention the following as it relates to your topic and the reading:

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  1. Purpose
  2. Process
  3. Data Collection
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Reporting of Findings


To Determine an Approach, First Ask Yourself These Questions

· What is my purpose?

· What is the nature of the process?

· What are the data like/how are they collected?

· How are data analyzed?

· How are the findings communicated?

Linking Data and Methodology:

· Quantitative methods

· Involve collecting numerical data

· Qualitative methods

· Involve collecting textual or image-based data

· Mixed methods

· Use both quantitative and qualitative methods in the same study

Quantitative Versus. Qualitative (1 of 3)

· Purpose

· Quantitative: Pursuit of explanations and predictions that, in most cases, will generalize to other persons or places

· Qualitative: Seek to better understand complex situations and is often exploratory in nature

· Process

· Quantitative: Methods allow the research to objectively measure the variable(s) of interest

· Qualitative: Holistic and emergent, with specific focus, design, data-collection techniques, and interpretations developing and possibly changing along the way

· Data Collection

· Quantitative: Identify a few variables to study and then collect data specifically related to those variables.

· Qualitative: Qualitative research operate under the assumption that reality isn’t easily divided into discrete, measureable variables.

· Data Analysis

· Quantitative: Rely on deductive reasoning, beginning with certain premises and then drawing logical conclusions from them.

· Qualitative: Make considerable use of inductive reasoning.

· Reporting Findings

· Quantitative: Typically reduce their data to summarizing statistics.

· Qualitative: Often construct interpretive narratives from their data and try to capture the complexity of a particular phenomenon.

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