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Circle the letter of the correct answer.

7. Don’t drink this coffee! It _____ good.
a. isn’t tasting
b. not taste
c. (doesn’t taste)
d. don’t taste

8. What does a safe driver _____ when he approaches an intersection?
a. does
b.( to do)
c. do
d. doing

9. Hassan is cleaning the carpet while his roommate _____ dinner.
a. to cook
b. cook
c.( is cooking)
d. cooking

10. Waleed _____ a computer course this year.
a. (is taking)
b. taking
c. to take
d. takes

11. _____ to the meeting right now?
a. Do you go
b. (Are you going)
c. You go
d. Go

12. _____ the key to the conference room?
a. (Who have)
b. Who is having
c. Who has
d. Who are having

13. The Monday flight from London _____ at three o’clock.
a. arrives
b. (is arriving)
c. arrive
d. to arrive

14. The flowers _____ nice.
a. are smelling
b. (smell)
c. smells
d. smelling

15. The teacher _____ here yet.
a. not be
b. (isn’t)
c. isn’t being
d. not