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It is importance to have cultural intelligence as countries have become more diverse as the population has aged and world travel has become more common. Having nursing students graduate with cultural intellect is essential for to the needs of the changing population. This assist in being able to function effectively with cultural diversity situations by understanding of multicultural situations. New teaching curricula is developed by nursing schools as a response to globalization. Nurses work with people from all over the world therefore they need to be prepared. There was a study conducted to assess teaching strategies outcomes. The sample included 625 students in which senior nursing students participated and were assessed at the beginning and end of the community health course. The model used was Diamond’s course Assessment which identifies educational competencies, forms teams, and sets goals. The method used was a cultural intelligent scale which consist of 20 questions. Cultural intelligence was significantly increased ranged from 5.2 to 5.8 in meat cultural intelligence and 3.4 to 4.3 in cognitive cultural intelligence. The study concluded that by placing teaching strategies in order to promote cultural development within nursing programs has implications for developing nursing students into nurses who can provide ethical and culturally congruent health care (Gallagher, Dallwing, & Sarkat,2019).