Political Economy in Southeast Asia and War Interest Aggregation

Political Economy in Southeast Asia and War Interest Aggregation

Please make a powerpoint for presentation. The contents are the background and current issues in Southeast Asia that’s related to your term paper’s topic. Each presentation will last for 15 minutes. (22 slides max) Must have speaker note.

I have attached 2 A+ sample presentations below, you can take a look on how to edit the powerpoint effectively. The topic must be different. The topics are open. You can create on whatever topics that interest you. However, the topics must be related to both political and economy issues in Southeast Asia (broadly defined). The papers may focus on a specific country, a group of selected countries, or the region as a whole. Try to put less words on the slide, only focus on key words, main ideas, must include pictures, charts, diagram, statistic table or a short video less than 1 min that related to the topic you are presenting.

At the beginning of the presentation slide you must include your research question, next slide will be the outline, you will be answering that question during and or by the end of the presentation (see sample presentation)

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You Must discuss the topic with me before start working on the presentation to avoid the topics that my classmates already did.

You have to be clear about your research questions, i.e., what you want to explore and answer. You have to convince readers why your presentation is interesting, important, and relevant, i.e., why they should read your powerpoint. You have to deliver a clear message on what the presentation is about. If the readers are left unclear about what you try to say after reading the powerpoint, then the presentation is not clear. Good introduction and good conclusion are necessary, but also make sure that the whole presentation is coherent, flows well, and is not confusing.

Will discuss more with tutor later.


Since you’re working on my project, here is part 2 of the project.

Please write A proposal for the term paper . The proposal is two-page long and consists of (a) topic, (b) research question and motivation, (c) tentative outline of your study method and references.

Please note that this class is Political Economy in Southeast Asia. The proposal is also related to the presentation you are working on.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have further questions.