Portfolio Website Development

Portfolio Website Development

Professional Portfolio

In this part of the assignment, you will improve or extend on any of the five high-stakes assignments that you selected in Week 3. If you consider that you performed sub-optimally on any given assignment out of your selected set when you completed the assignment in your prior course work, you will be allowed to improve upon that assignment prior to its inclusion in your portfolio. This is strictly voluntary; you may reproduce your selected assignments as you submitted them in your five courses of choice, or you may revise (correct, or improve) your work in your selected assignments, for example to make improvements based on additional insight or knowledge you have acquired since you submitted these assignments.

Portfolio Website Development

In this part of this assignment, you will start the development of your portfolio website that you will finish in Week 5. You will create a website with a template for the specific pieces that will need to be included in your portfolio website.

  • A main page containing:
    • Your main distinguishable attributes
    • Links to detailed information
  • Additional pages containing:
    • Your generic cover letter
    • Your résumé (adapted to remove personal information)
    • Your portfolio materials

Be aware that, for security reasons, you should never post your personal information on a website; this means your personal phone number, email address, or mail address. Some options are to create a Google Voice account, use a web form, or use a generic email (info@yourdomain) as secure ways for your audience to contact you.

If you have a domain name and have started implementing the main navigation features and the place holders for the webpages you will need, your deliverable for this part will be your website domain name. If you are still at the design stage, you may complete your website in Week 5; in this case, you deliverable for this part will be a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that describes your website design.

Note: in this week, you need not finalize the content, including any presentation media, of your portfolio website, but you need to setup the framework and the navigation menus.

Submission Details

  • Package your revised assignments files or folders a single zip file. Name your zip file: SU_ITS4103_W4_Project_Portfolio
  • If you have a domain name for your portfolio design and have started implementing the main navigation features and the place holders for the webpages, simply include a 1-page Microsoft Word file that includes a brief description of your portfolio website and the domain name to access it. Name your file: SU_ITS4103_W4_Website
  • If you are still designing your portfolio website, create your portfolio website design as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Name your file: SU_ITS4103_W4_Website