Poverty and Inequality

Group Project #1: Poverty and Inequality



The group project consists of a developing country case study using PowerPoint Slides and a bibliography consisting of a list of references that were used to construct the presentation slides at the end of your PowerPoint Slides.





  1. Required data:

Measures on Poverty:

Population living below poverty line, PPP $1.9 a day

Poverty headcount index at PPP $1.9 a day

Poverty Gap at PPP $1.9 a day

Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

Measures of inequality:

Gini coefficient

Size distribution: Income share held by top 20% and income share held by the poorest 20%


  1. Explain your findings in the data carefully and discuss some poverty or inequality reduction policies that this country may have used or you think that it should have used. You need to find related news, articles and studies to work on this portion.


A few websites:










Research Sources Research sources could be World Bank, UN, IMF, WHO, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Business Week, the Economist, or other reputable sources. Please make sure that you clearly distinguish between your opinion and the opinion of the authors in your portfolio.