Primary Purpose of Speech Communication

Primary Purpose of Speech Communication

I enjoyed last weeks assignment. If I had to rate myself, I would give myself a 7 out 10. I would take points away for my attire and not being well prepared. I was extremely happy to be able to present a step by step guide. It was my first time doing it and I would definitely deliver the speech again. I was pleased with being able to complete the assignment. I felt like a profrssional youtuber.

I believe that I followed the guidelines for the visual aid. I was able to use my niece and my daughter as visual aids. Children now and days are very experienced with Youtube. So, they were excited to be about of the video. I tried to maintain as much eye contact as possible and still do the demonstration. I did take pauses however, I feel like I need to slow down and focus on my words before speaking. To avoid stuttering.Demonstration Speech Evaluation

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Topic and Purpose

Was the topic appropriate for the audience and the occasion?

Did you have a clear specific purpose that you could accomplish in the allotted time?


Was the speech well organized?

Did you fulfill all the major functions of a speech introduction?

Did you fulfill all the major objectives of a speech conclusion?

Were the main points of the body clear and easy to follow?

Did you use connectives effectively?

Supporting Material, Audience Adaption, and Language

Did you conduct adequate research when preparing the speech?

Did you adapt your speech o so it would be relevant and interesting to your audience?

Did you have effective use of supporting material?

Did you make a conscious effort to use clear, nontechnical languag