Privately Owned Critical Infrastructure Nuclear Power Plants

Privately Owned Critical Infrastructure Nuclear Power Plants

Choose one of the following examples of critical infrastructure:

    • Rail
    • Water Treatment Plant
    • Nuclear Energy Plant
    • Airport
    • Import/Export Shipping Port

Write a 3- to 4-page protection plan to prevent or mitigate threats against the chosen critical infrastructure.

Include the following in your protection plan:

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    • A risk assessment for the selected critical infrastructure with consideration for potential terrorism and natural disaster threats
    • The effect on surrounding businesses and commercial interests if a critical incident were to occur
    • The private sector’s responsibility in establishing a prevention and mitigation plan
    • Available support through mutual aid agreements and volunteer groups
    • A scalable review of likely responders starting with first responders and ending with a full scale national response
    • Potential response complications and benefits

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines