problem solution argument 2

Peer review format:

Online, Content Peer Review on Canvas and in-class editing workshop

Final Due Date:

Finals day

Submission guidelines:

Hardcopies of all drafts and workshop worksheets, hardcopy of final draft turned in to me in class and electronic copy of final draft turned in to Canvas on the final due date.


The writer’s purpose is to persuade a specified audience, through a well-developed line of reasoning, sufficient, credible evidence, and a balanced use of rhetorical appeals, to agree with the writer’s argument.

Carefully consider the rhetorical situation for this essay–you will be in charge of naming your audience and determining the breadth and depth of information this particular audience will require etc. You will also determine the exigency of the topic before writing.


You will write a Toulmin-style argumentative essay in which you argue for your proposed solution to an issue that affects not only your life, but the lives of others as well.

The topic can be one of your choosing; however, you will want to steer clear of topics that you have written about previously and those that are overwritten and researched (Avoid–abortion, legalizing drugs, overpaid athletes, assisted suicide, death penalty, school uniforms, global warming and any other “done-to-death” topics.) The topic should be narrowed sufficiently to fit in the confines of the essay length, and the research for the topic should include both scholarly and general secondary sources.

Source usage:

THIS IS NOT A FULL RESEARCH PAPER! For this essay, use just two sources from the UNC library database and you can use one source from a website or a personal interview. Further evidence and examples should come from your experience and observations. Overall, I want to read your argument, not what your sources say, so remember that the sources are there simply to support your opinions and add ethos to your writing.

Documentation format:

Please use MLA format. Remember to cite the information both parenthetically and on the Works Cited page.

Essays without a Works cited page and/or in-text citations will not be accepted.

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