professional communications 3ps

Preparing for a TED

Conference Presentation


Imagine that you are one of the select few who are invited to speak at a TED Conference.

Choose a topic you are passionate about—a hobby, a particular company, a

movie, or something else that interests you. Prepare your presentation and deliver it in

person or by video.


1. What is the purpose of your presentation?

2. Describe your audience.

3. What level of knowledge is your audience likely to have about your topic?

4. How will you capture your audience’s attention in the fi rst minute of your presentation?

Draft your opening section.

5. What points will you cover in the body of your presentation, and in what order?

6. Write a closing section that summarizes your points and reinforces the purpose of

your presentation.

7. What delivery techniques will you use to make your presentation as dynamic as the

TED presenters’ speeches?

8. What visuals will you use? Try to avoid traditional presentation slides with heavy

text in favor of a simpler, more graphical style.

9. If you were to give your presentation via the Internet to the class, how would you



Using your knowledge of oral presentations, prepare an outline for this presentation,

and submit it to your instructor for feedback. Then, prepare visuals and practice your

presentation. When you’re ready, deliver your presentation to the class. You might deliver

part of your presentation in person in front of the class—and part via the Internet.

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