project 20 page


This project report is to be typed, double-spaced, paginated, and properly documented.

Length guideline:20 pages

Products will be selected by October 5th.Bring three product ideas to class that day.Numbers will be drawn to see who gets priority choice on given products.Only two students will be allowed to use a given product.

Include the following information under the appropriate heading and utilize traditional paragraph format:


Product name and branding strategy used

Describe the product, container(s), and sizes and features available

Manufacture and how the product fits into their product portfolio

Draw, cut and paste, and /or describe the product package

Competitive position (leader, upstart, strong/weak) and market share (if available)

Describe the target market (gender, age, lifestyle, education, income, etc.)

Product warranty or guarantee


Seller(s) (retail, wholesale, catalog, direct marketing, etc.)

Draw/describe the channel(s) of distribution

List and briefly discuss major competitors

Discuss the level of distribution (global, international, national, regional, local)


Describe the firm’s pricing strategy (skimming, penetration, competitive, etc.) for the product.

List the final price of all sizes and varieties, or at least a range of prices with examples.

Discuss mark-ups at each level of the channel of distribution if this information can be obtained.

List and describe the company’s use of discounting, couponing, rebates and other adjustments.

In the writer’s opinion, Is the product a good value compared with those of key competitors?

4.)Promotional/ Publicity:

Copy of cut out ads and /or flyers from magazines, newspapers, and catalogs (do NOT destroy library resources)

Describe ads on television and/or radio

Reproduce, take pictures, or describe ads on billboards, transit, etc.

Collect copies of recent publicity (at least 5 items) about the company and/or it’s product(s) (internet)

Based on student experience, which promotional tool (advertising, sales promotion, publicity, or personal selling) is dominant in the market communication program?

Discuss the company’s use or lack of use of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach

5.)Ethics and Social Responsibility:

Discuss the company’s ethical and social responsibility record (lack of bad publicity is a good sign)

Involvements and causes supported or lack of same that support the previous discussion

Ethics/social responsibility issues related to the company and/or product in the recent press

6.)General Discussion and Conclusion:

Discuss whether the product is marketed effectively

Make recommendations for improvement

Wrap-up with a few integrating thoughts


List sources for ads, information, etc. used for the report

Have fun!This is NOT a traditional research project.Use your experience, retailers, and recent publications as resources.

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