Project : Academic Analysis of Literature

Project : Academic Analysis of Literature

Assignment Description:

This assignment will allow you to explore a theme in Olive Kitteridge. You will identify a topic and theme that runs throughout the novel and trace its manifestation in the writing, supporting your analysis with textual evidence (close reading of details, passages, and scenes form the book).


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A theme is what a book says about an issue. If “family” is an issue/topic in the novel, then “Olive Kitteridge troubles our understanding of what a successful marriage can be, showing how even what appears on its surface to be as a loveless relationship can serve ultimately as a source of hope and redemption” is a theme. Reasonable people can disagree with this theme – in other words, you have to make your case.

For such a short essay, you will need to pay special attention to narrowing your theme. “Olive Kitteridge explores the challenges that arise as a marriage matures” is much too broad, obvious, non-controversial, and vague a theme. “Olive Kitteridge suggests that, in some relationships, consistency can be even more important that love and/or passion” is a narrower and more specific theme.


The essay needs to be no fewer than three full pages long. It should be formatted using 12-point Times New Roman characters. It will need to correctly cite and/or paraphrase passages from the text in correct MLA form.

Possible Issues:

The class will come up with a list of possible issues. You will want to choose an issue about which you are excited; that is, one that intrigues you and that will hold your interest for the weeks that you will be working on the essay. Remember that the best essays attempt to answer questions (what is the novel saying about, say, family?); they don’t start with answers.


After choosing an issue that interests you, return to the text. Skim the text with this issue in mind, marking down relevant passages. Think of what the novel is saying about this issue (i.e. your theme), marshal evidence from the text, and sketch out an essay draft for conference. As you revise the essay, think about organization and argument support, be sure you cite specific details, lines, passages or scenes to support your claims, and be sure you explain how they support your claims. Remember that revision is not correction, it is a re-seeing of your argument and involves content and organization. Finally, edit the essay at the sentence level for style and grammar.


My topic should be about marriage and like how a successful marriage or relationship can be


It is gonna be two full pages

From this novel that i attached few pics from since i cant attached everything when I post the question, but it is one chapter only