project deliverable 3 business report

At this stage of your project, you should have done some research and performed an analysis and assessment of your organization’s external and internal operating environments. For this assignment, you need to relate your analysis of the organization to the unutilized opportunities or specific challenges related to knowledge management or utilization of information/knowledge/competence resources, and provide solutions that will help in improving the performance of the organization.

all must be own words and should use useful sources

relevant research and statistics to back up your assessment of the organization and your recommended solutions, including current trends and industry best practices must be included throughout the main body of your report. Remember, your recommendations are only as good as the evidence that you present to back them up. If you simply state your opinion without references to support it, you will definitely lose marks.

I have uploaded the Project instruction and the Project 2, so that you can work on project 3 based the on the content you wrote in Project 2

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