project for infancy and childhood

Students will create a 2-3 page brochure/pamphlet that informs a group of parents1 about the importance of understanding the many aspects of infant/early childhood development and how it relates to their child’s success2.

  1. Group of parents of your choosing: i.e. parents of autistic children, parents of adoptive children, parents of newborns, etc.
  2. Child’s success: i.e. success in school, success in the next stage of development, success in peer relationships, etc.

The brochure/pamphlet should address and be responsive to diversity and cultural differences within their child’s development that your particular group of parents may experience.

Include pictures, quotes, and at least one peer reviewed journal article in order to support ideas. Please remember to list citations throughout the brochure/pamphlet. Use footnotes as necessary to cite work appropriately. Content must relate to course content. You will need to upload all sides of the brochure/pamphlet and you are responsible for the quality of the upload.

This project is much more open-ended than the Observations & Compare/Contrast Paper, so the more creative and original, the better. Remember that your brochure/pamphlet is geared towards a particular group of parents that most likely does not know a great deal about infant/early childhood development; be extra clear and simple so that your content is easily understood.

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