project planning control and analysis bn4010 assignment

Assignment Title: Assignment 1 – Specific Life Style Programme

The aim of this assignment is to develop your planning and analytical skills in the context of a complex project orientated environment.

Outline of Task:

You are required to develop a defendable project that will be implemented within a new Life Style Centre (LSC). This project is situated in a village of 12,000 inhabitants. The LSC is situated on an area that was acquired from the Lancashire Council of dimensions 150 metres by 70 metres. LSC involves the following physical spaces:

 New village library facility/Learning information support

 Multi-faith centre

 Gymnasium

 Crèche/Mums & Toddlers

 Multipurpose functional spaces

 Car parking facilities

Your defendable project will be in any area that can be addressed within the LSC facilities, (e.g. IT, security, building, interior design, social mobility, Alcohol anonymous (AA), Ramblers club, Photographic society project, Historic Lancashire, Silver surfers, and Cafeteria). Your area of focus should be clearly stated at the start of the assignment.

The submission must include a project schedule of at least 40 activities and clearly identify the logic of activity sequencing and relationships between the activities. For any simulated project chosen, the minimum completion time of the project should be six calendar months.

All dependencies, constraints and resources are to be included. This report will contribute to 60% of the final assessment of this module. A word count of 2,400 is expected for this section of the assignment.


The assignment is as follows:

Section 1: A detailed project schedule applying procedural logic, and clearly showing dependencies, constraints and resource implications. Provide a list of all assumptions you have made in constructing the schedule. Please take note: – It is given that the

project start date should be on Monday the 16th of April 2019.

[50 Marks]

Section 2: Using the schedule developed in section 1, set the Baseline of the project,

and track the progress of project after three calendar months on Friday the 13th of

July 2019. Assume that due to inflation and other uncertainties in UK environment, there is

an increase in cost of 10% in the activities of the project. The durations of the activities

of the project for the first three months are affected by 15% increase in time due to

supply chain delays. Produce a report that presents values for the following:

 Budget at completion (BAC)

 Actual costs (ACWP)

 Planned Value (BCWS)

 Earned Value (BCWP)

 Schedule variance

 Cost variance

[25 Marks]

Section 3: Give a reflective report on the exercise you have just completed in sections 1 & 2. Also provide a list of references you have used in developing your submission. Harvard system of references is the preferred option within the University of Central Lancashire.

[25 Marks]

Assignment Title: Assignment 2 – Evaluation of Project Management


Outline of Task:

Critically evaluate any two of the project management methodologies given below for

use on project planning, control and analysis within your chosen industry. Defend

which one of the two methodologies evaluated will be the most suitable for delivering

your simulated project in Assignment 1.


b. The PMI Methodology

c. The Agile approach

A word count of 1,600 is expected for this section of the assignment.

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