Project Two: Needs Assessment Assignment

Please refer to Project 2: Needs Assessment Grading Rubric in the syllabus.

For this project, imagine you employed by your local United Way Office. You are asked to conduct a needs assessment to determine if your citys after-school programs are currently meeting the needs of the families in your area. Using the steps of a needs assessment planning as a guide, describe how you would approach this needs assessment.

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The project should explore the purpose of conducting a needs assessment including a description of the current situation/state of the city in the scenario (you can use information from your own city/town or or search for data regarding an city/town near your location), the desired situation/result of the city in the scenario (create a fictitious desired situation), and a clear statement of the need. After the need(s) is/are identified, the type(s) of need (as defined in the text) should be identified and defined. There should be a discussion of the information/data that would be gathered about the city/community when conducting a needs assessment. The community stakeholders should be identified as well.

After the above information has been presented, four different approaches should be applied to the scenario. The student will design a needs assessment using:

1. Exclusively secondary data

2. An Impressionist Approach

3. Community Survey

4. A combination of secondary data, impressionist approach, and community survey

For each of the approaches, the data collection procedure should be discussed, estimates of the time and money required should be developed and discussed, and a thoroughly discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach should be included.

The project should be 3 5 pages in length, supported by three scholarly sources cited and referenced in APA format.


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