proofreading 10

check and fix the proofread in the following text,espically the bolded one.Thank you.

Company Idea

Our initial idea was to function as a Chinese restaurant in Tenleytown offering bento box deliveries especially to Asian studentsthrough our websiteand an appbut with our problem interviews we found we were offering a solution to a problem that none had so we had to pivot to meet solutions for the problems we found in the problem interviews, so we decided to focus in healthy food delivery with no physical place and increase our variety to Asian foodinstead of just Chinese food, available also in subscription modein order to solve the inconvenience problem. Each interview made us pivot, each potential customer gave his input to our product and we consider this our main source of further growth.

If I have the opportunity to pursue the idea I would, because I saw that the idea is solving a problem and it will help some people needs, but I will make more interviews to get feedback to make sure that I am doing the idea in perfect way.

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