PSY 381 Module 5 Assignment 5 – Course Project Part 2 (Argosy)

You have researched the theoretical writings related to your selected mental disorder in the second part of the course project. In the third part, you will examine the practice related to the Autism disorder.


You have conducted field research on practice related to the disorder, including the interview with a health professional. Based on the information you have gathered, develop a paper on Autism that includes the following:

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  Describe the extent and nature of the disorder, such as number of people diagnosed and under treatment, demographics, and other factors of interest. Explain how the selected disorder is diagnosed. Explain how the selected disorder is treated. Be sure to include all the views on appropriate treatment and comment on diversity of views or dissent. Differentiate the diagnosis of this disorder from those of the other disorders within the same diagnostic category. Comment on culturally bound syndromes, cultural biases, or the interplay between assessment and diagnosis and culture.

Please follow this instruction: Write a 4–5-page paper in Word format.   Include a title and reference in APA style. Make sure to include in text citation. Be sure to review the rubric so as to address all necessary criteria. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention:


This is the interview questions that were asked:


Interview Preparation and Discussion


Autism is a brain disorder that limits the ability to communicate and relate to other people ( This mental disease’s appearance has been trending in society, which peaked my interest. The following questions I am presenting to the health counselor at Long Island Jewish hospital in Manhasset, Long Island. Her name is Chanet Tisdale, counselor specialist for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.




1.      Why is Autism so hard to diagnose?


2.      How does Autism affect the brain?


3.      What causes Autism? Nature versus nurture?


4.      There is also being “On the Spectrum” of Autism; what causes this?


5.      What is the genetic pre-deposition for Autism?


6.      How does folic acid play a part on reducing Autism in infants?


7.      What are the symptoms of Autism?


8.      Is Autism a disease that can occur later in life?


9.         How does Autism differ from Asperger’s Syndrome?


10.  How can Autism be treated? Long term and short term?




Autism Spectrum Disorder; Retrieve from American Psychiatric Association. (n.d.). .