psychology 36

1.“Syllogisms”  Please respond to the following: 

The following discussion questions refer to the activity assigned under the “Readings” section for this week. 

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·                                 Explain the thinking process you used to identify the categorical propositions in these syllogisms.

·                                 Identify any premises or conclusions with which you did not agree or which you believe to be false.

·                                 Explain whether you found any syllogisms which appeared to be valid or invalid and why you think this is the case.  

·                                 Diagram one of the syllogisms in Activity 9.1 or 9.2. Describe what your Venn diagram revealed. Explain whether you thought this method was useful or challenging.



2. “Beliefs in Everyday Life”  Please respond to the following:

·                                 Describe a belief that you would continue to believe even if solid logical evidence was supplied which demonstrated your belief could not possibly be true.

·                                 Create a syllogism which “proves” that your belief is based in logical reasoning.


·                                 Evaluate the explanations and arguments of at least two (2) other students to determine whether there might be some underlying error in their reasoning. Provide the other students with “evidence” that they could use to eliminate any potential fallacies in their explanations and/or arguments.