Psychology and american football. Must be an english professional 2 pages minimum. NO PLAGIARISM.

NO PLAGIARISM. Navigate to Click on the green box entitled “For Professionals,” click “About Traumatic Brain Injury,” click on the brain, watch the animation and explore how areas of the brain are affected by concussion. Finally, choose the link “Facts About Concussion and Brain Injury” and examine the information.Every year when a new school year begins, all across America students are playing football, cheerleading or looking forward to playing another sport. More and more we are hearing about children who are suffering brain injuries while they are involved in school sports. Severe hits to the head during play or accidental falls can lead to concussion, brain damage and even death.Tell me about the parts of the brain that are most likely to be damaged in these activities or by any TBI (traumatic brain injury) and tell me about the functions that could be impacted – physical, mental, emotional, etc. Be specific and remember we are focusing on children and a developing brain. Lastly, discuss these issues: based on your research, do you think sports should be banned from schools? If so, tell me specifically what you learned that led you to this conclusion. If not, what is being done or what can be done to help safeguard children involved in sports?

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