Psychology Discussion

Psychology Discussion…

1) Relate it to your own personal experience and provide examples of if you see it as being relevant or not in your life

2) Relate to what is in the chapter – cite the page source and quote text where the videos agree or disagree with the text and how does it relate

3) Find Something in Social Media (non-academic sourced material) that either supports the book and the videos or goes against the book or the material.

4.) This class is full of perspectives. Why do we need so many perspectives? Everybody has their favorite – I am a big fan of behavioral psychology and epi-genetic development. What do you see as the best perspective?

To get full credit –

1) Site your source (time in video or page in book – or web site used!!) so other people can see it as well. On every question

2) Ask a question that you thought of while reading the chapter

3) ONCE YOU POST – Answer someone else’s question with material from the course!! This has to be done after the assignment is done. I will be sending someone else’s post to reply on.

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