public health topic that interests me essay

1) Choose a public health topic that interests you by week 3. ( I chose nutrition: physical activity and obesity) If you need ideas look in your textbook index or lists of chapters. Make sure it is not too general. For instance instead of choosing US medical systems, a better choice would be the history of US medical systems or Medical system reformation. You can also choose specific diseases as long as you connect them with public concerns. For instance, if you choose heart disease make sure you discuss the effects of the disease on our communities, economy, governments etc. Remember to choose something that you are interested in, and keep it simple.

2) Write out your thesis statement for your essay during week 3. You do not need to turn this in, but you can post it on the open discussion board for help from your classmates; go to the external links page and check out the Purdue Owl Writing Center; get help at the writing center on campus, or get help from me.

3) Format: Use the format for an argumentative five paragraph essay – it is a very basic format. – Introduction paragraph with thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. You must give citations throughout the document as well as include a reference/citation page (see example paper in writing links). You need to include a minimum of 4 separate sources (this can include your textbook).You can find help with writing by going to External Links in the Canvas Modules, and clicking onto one of the writing links. You can also get help at the writing center located on the first floor of the Tech Mall on campus (room 70-119).

Please make sure you understand rules of plagiarism. If you are unclear check out the link for the Purdue Owl Writing Center (found in External Links).

Textbook: An Introduction to Public Health, Fifth edition, Mary-Jane Schneider (ISBN: 9781284089233).

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