Purpose and Value of Play and Children at Play Discussion

Purpose and Value of Play and Children at Play Discussion

Why Does My Child Just Play All Day?

“As an early childhood educator, you will be confronted with frequent challenges to explain the value of play to families, educators of other age groups and program administrators. This demand for explanation is reasonable in the current era in which the push for academic achievement continues to grow…Because play is so important for development it is important that you know how to explain its value even before you are asked to do so.” (Feeney et al, 2013, p.305)

POST: For this post you will assume the role of the teacher who is conferencing with a parent. The parent asked for the conference because she was concerned that her child isn’t learning enough in your play-based classroom. She is worried that her 4-year-old child will not be ready for kindergarten next year and specifically wants to know, “When are you going to start teaching her something?”

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You will post your thoughtful response to this parent that reflects what you have learned in Chapter 9 about the purpose and value of play in the young child’s development. Think of this as practice in articulating how play supports the child’s development in all domains, physical, social, emotional, and most importantly to ease the parent’s concern, cognitively. This is the essential focus of your essay on play.

This assignment supports course learning outcomes 2 & 3 and student learning objectives 5, 6, 7 & 8.


Examples of Children at Play

I have created this topic in an effort to assist you in your Play Essay. In the past, students have scored low in one particular area of this assignment, that being the “examples” part. Review the Play Essay Guidelines and the Rubric and you will see that when you write your essay, you have to give “real-life” examples of children engaged in play and exploration that clearly demonstrates how the play is supporting each developmental domain. Therefore, in your essay, you will have to come up with four different scenarios or examples of play that relate to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive domains.

POST: Create a real or fictitious (made-up) scenario of a child or group of children ages 0-5. Make your scenario rich in detail, but do not indicate what domain you are trying to exemplify.