Quality Improvement

The topic in brief Discussion: Quality Improvement Describe Your task Type of Service Essay Without any Calculations Urgency No. of Pages/Wordcount 2 page(s)/276 to 550 Words Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree Citation Style APA Style Detailed Description/Explanation Accreditation/Credentialing Bodies Introduction: Accreditation and credentialing are synonymous terms within one arena. Accreditation is a part of the umbrella of credentialing for healthcare organizations. Credentialing is much like a certification which is the minimum standard for a predetermined service provided by healthcare organizations which are met through prior authorization and qualifying parameters. The one-time designation differs from accreditation, which is performed over a specific time period. What follows are some of the more important healthcare sector accrediting agencies. Examine: Accreditation Agencies The Joint Commission (TJC) – Accreditor – Joint Commission (2009) The Joint Commission provides internationally recognized accreditation and credentialing for healthcare organizations. TJC accredits hospitals, laboratories, nursing care centers, ambulatory care centers, and home care agencies. Each type of organizations has a specialized set of accrediting requirements. Joint Commission accreditation communicates that the organization meets the highest quality standards for patient care. National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) NCQA is a national private non-profit that review health care organizations for quality, based on national standards. The entity’s goal is to protect patients and employees. Institutions can voluntarily seek review from the NCQA. Institutions that past the thorough quality review are given a seal, signifying quality care and service. The seal helps to in confidence in the institution from consumers (patients). Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHA) ACHA is the accrediting arm of CMS. Similar to the other accreditors presented, ACHA approval signifies healthcare quality. ACHA differs from others in that it also provides a distinction for specialty areas, such as nutrition, hazardous drug handling, HIV, palliative care, behavioral health, and others (ACHA,2018). Leapfrog Group Read More …


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