quot reflection quot please respond to the following 2

“Reflection” Please respond to the following:

  • Identify two (2) specific concepts that you learned in the course that surprised or intrigued you, and explain why.

Specific Concept from week 7: Ghosting

  • What is ghosting? Can you explain? Why would a person do this? Explain the difference between ghosting in texting, social media, or dating.
  • Respond to one of your classmates. Is there ever a good reason to ghost on someone? Why or why not?

Specific Concept from week 5: Productivity

  • How is the Internet of things changing the ways that we live? What kinds of apps and devices do you use? What is most useful to you? What do you spend time doing online that you have realized is not productive? How do you change this behavior?

Let me know if you want the answer to those discussion questions above to help with this.

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