Race in America

Race in America

Read pages 4-16 of the Pew Research Center report, Race in America 2019 (see link below), and write a brief report. The report should contain three separate sections that address all the points in each set of questions. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

1. Describe the views of Americans concerning the nation’s progress on matters related to race. How do people believe things have changed under the Administration of Donald Trump and how do they view his handling of racial issues? (approximately 150-200 words)

2. How is partisanship associated with views about race in the United States? Indicate some ways that Democrats and Republicans differ in their responses to questions about race. (approximately 150-200 words)

3. How do black and white respondents differ in their perceptions about race in the United States? Provide some examples of major differences in perceptions of these two groups. (approximately 150-200 words)

Link to report: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/wp-content/uploads…