reader centered strategies memo

Review the section “Six Reader-Centered Strategies You Can Begin Using Now” from Chapter 1. After reviewing these strategies, locate the website of an employer you might like to work for and review it for use of these six strategies.

Respond to the following questions in a formal business memo of at least 250 polished, edited words to your Instructor. Be sure to provide the name of the company and its website address in your memo:

  • Which of these strategies does this website use well? Identify and explain at least 2 of these, using examples.
  • Which could it use more effectively? Identify and explain at least 2 of these using examples.

*Please use a hospitality related job in the United States and provide a link

*Memo format

*attached picture includes the stategies to be discussed


Exemplary communication is marked by originality of expression, particularized strategies to engage the audience, and scrupulous attention to detail. Exemplary communication responds creatively, requiring little or no revision.