Reading for Language Development

Reading for Language Development

Below is a suggested outline to organize your literature review.  It runs together and bounces around the different themes.  I have identified possible themes for you to use – these are suggestions!  However, I encourage you to reorganize your literature review around the themes you saw emerging in the literature as you reviewed it.

Also – you need more literature.  You are citing the same articles over and over again – from what I can see, you only have 8 or 9 articles that I can see.  I recommend you find at least 5 more and include them in your research.  It is hard to say you have exhausted the literature if you only have 8 articles!

Also check your APA style – you are not always following APA with your citations.

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Lastly, make sure you are working on  your transition sentences – from paragraph to paragraph and section to section.  The literature review should flow from start to finish.  So, if you think about it, you are:

Explaining how reading is important to language development, however there are currently many causes of reading deficiency that is in turn cause problems in language development.  This requires the use of strategies to improve both reading, and language development, which we can assess to make sure it is working.  Your study proposes to use a particular strategy, and assess its use with a population of students.


Explains the literature you reviewing, outlines the chapter and the purpose of the chapter.

Reading for Language Development

Identify how reading books is related to language development, then discuss the studies already conducted for the following areas

Studies about different types of book reading

Recitation – find more literature

                             Out Loud –find more literature

                             With Parents – find more literature

                             Peer Reading – find more literature

Causes of Reading Deficiency


Is this the only cause of Reading Deficiency?  There must be other reasons for the deficiency – what else is there?  You can still argue that you think it is the most serious of the causes, but what else is there?  Providing other reasons, then arguing why technology is the largest problem, and how you can address this issue, which is part of your study.  You cite articles that mention “other activities” – what are they? 

Strategies Instructors Use to Encourage Students to Read

              Digital Gadgets

So – you identify technology as the problem in the previous section, but the first article you use says that one solution is more technology?  How do you explain this?  It is not clear!

Make it Fun – more literature needed

              Support – more literature needed

Assessing Improvement of Reading Skills

You pretty much only site one article.  You need more. 

Standardized Testing – Need more literature

              Alternative Assessment– Need more literature

There is no conclusion!  What is all of this literature for?  What was the point?  Again, you should write a summary introduction at the start, and then here at the conclusion you need to sum up and explain where this literature has led you.  Where does YOUR study fit?


Explain how the literature supports your study, and how it is going to add to the body of knowledge.  Where does your study fit, how does it address a gap in knowledge. 


What strategy are you going to use in your study and why?  Which one makes the most sense to you, or which one do you think is best?  Then, after you support your choice with literature, which way are you going to assess?  Why is standardized testing best? 


The literature review should culminate in what you are doing in your study.