recommendation letter 6


When applying for a job, internship, or an MBA, you will need a recommendation letter. At the beginning of the semester, you applied for a position by sending in your Resume and Cover Letter. Later in the semester, you sent in a request for a recommendation letter to one of your professors. The professor has replied that he/she is too busy to write the letter; however, if you write the letter and send it she/he will read, and if acceptable will send the recommendation to the head of HR (who we decided is Mr. Anderson). This is a common practice in many universities.

Prompt: Write a letter of recommendation for yourself (keeping in mind all the requirements of a recommendation letter) that will be acceptable to the professor and will be sent to HR.

  • Remember to use Third Person Singular as your pronouns since the professor/manager is supposed to be writing the letter.
  • Make sure to revisit the job listing you provided at the beginning of the semester. The vocabulary you highlighted will help you compose your recommendation letter.
  • Think carefully on how you will highlight your own skills, education and attributes –a skill that will help you tremendously in the future.

Requirements for the letter:

  • Address the letter to “ Mr. Anderson”
  • 4 clear, single topic paragraphs
  • Letter format
  • 12 point font
  • Time New Roman font
  • 1 inch margin
  • Block format
  • Two spaces between each paragraph
  • Formal tone

Plagiarism free.

Word count minimum: 450 words

I did include the resume and cover letter below, as well as the request of recommendation letter.

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