recording operating transactions affecting the general fund and governmental activities at the government wide level

After opening the data file containing your data from Chapters 2 and 3 of this project, record the following transactions in the general journal for the General Fund and, if applicable, in the general journal for governmental activities at the government-wide level. For all entries, the date selected should be year 2017. For each of the paragraphs that requires entries in both the General Fund and governmental activities journals, you can either record them in both journals on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis or, alternatively, record all the General Fund journal entries first for all paragraphs, then complete the governmental activities journal entries for all paragraphs. If you choose the latter method, it might be useful to print the General Fund general journal entries to assist in making the entries in the governmental activities journal. Regardless of the method you choose, we highly recommend that you refer to the illustrative journal entries in Chapter 4 of the Reck andLowensohn textbook (17thedition) for guidance in making all entries.

For each entry affecting budgetary accounts or operating statement accounts, the Detail Journal will automatically open to allow you to record the appropriate amounts in the detail budgetary or actual accountsas was the case in Chapter 3.

See attached document for Charter 4