reflection activity 2


Reflection Activity:

The purpose of the Reflection Activity is to offer an opportunity for you to “free write or brainstorm” on a certain topic. Reflection can be a very effective exercise to more closely connect with yourself and identify what is important in your life. It gives you the opportunity to record new insights, ideas, dreams or anything significant that you want to record. This is your opportunity to put your thoughts into writing.

Review the prompts below and type your responses in a new Word document titled Week #14 Reflection Activity. Be sure to follow the guidelines in Appendix B in your syllabus. To submit go to “Assessments” at the top of the page on the navigation bar than to “Assignments”. Locate the assignment name (Week #14) and upload your completed work. Any questions please let me know!

The Marshmallow Challenge:

Watch the Week 14 video: “Build a Tower, Build a Team” and than answer the following:

1. What did this video teach you about teamwork and collaboration? Were you surprised by anything? Have you ever been part of a team building activity like this one and if so what happened?

2. Reflect on your own work experiences -recall situations when you felt like a member of an effective team. What did the supervisor, manager, or coach do to develop the spirit of teamwork? What impact did this have on the work culture and your experience? AND…have you ever worked as a member of an ineffective team? If so, what did leadership do to create a negative environment and what were the impacts? Pull in concepts from page 270 in your text that may have described your team(s).

3. In reading Chapter 12 what are some of the qualities you have that will make you an effective team member? What qualities will make you an effective leader? Do you have a preference for being part of the team or leading the team? Explain.

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