reflection of problem-solving efforts

reflection of problem-solving efforts

Advances in means of communication have played a significant role in the evolution of human civilization throughout history. In the last 50 years, new electronic technologies have brought about changes in how we communicate that resemble the changes that occurred with the introduction of the printing press. Hackman and Johnson (2013) “offer the following communication based definition of leadership: Leadership is human (symbolic) communication that modifies the attitudes and behaviors of others in order to meet shared group goals and needs” (p. 11).

The focus of Assignment 2 is to present a Leadership Communication presentation to your leadership/stakeholders using presentation software selected in Module 4 from Appendix B. Leaders must apply problem-solving skills to address issues and concerns within the organization. Think of a time when you generated a creative solution to a major problem. First, reflect and analyze your problem-solving efforts. Second, with supporting current literature, draft your ideas and present your information through one of the software program selected in module 4 from Appendix B. Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes. You should first describe your scenario as it relates to your chosen concentration and then present your findings to the leadership/stakeholders. At least 5 current sources should be utilized to support your problem solving.

In addition to the presentation, provide a 2-page academic paper following APA format that includes the following:

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·       Cover page (link to cover page available on page 7 of this syllabus)

·       Description of scenario

·       Analysis and reflection of problem-solving efforts

·       Reference page with 5 current sources

seperate page for reference