reflection paper 250

Okay so you have to write the reflection about the papers that you reviewed in the past order. Put it all in the same word document like this:

Title Page (1)
Index (1)
Reflective Letter (1 single space, memo format)
Writing Exercises (1-2)
Annotated Bib (10 sources, A, 8-B, 6-C)
Evaluative Paper (4-6)
Proposal (2.5-3)
Research Paper (8-10)
Op-Ed (4-6)

all of the above is on the word document that you did for me in the past order. The writing exercise I will attach it to you in an hour or so.

The reflection needs to be ten point times new Roman font.

PS: My particibation is 0% in this class and I miss a lot of classes, and we have a lot of group work, be carful when you write this reflection

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