Reflection paper

Reflection paper

Question description 

Hello, I need one paper or a paper and a half but in order to do that you need to read few pages and I have attached them also I have attached a paper of how to write it, here are few questions that will help you to write it and need to be consider:


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  • Look at the issue from lots of different perspectives – the student, teacher, parent, school, different groups of people, neighborhoods, society.
  • Be specific. Who does it affect? Why/How? Who makes the decisions related to the issue? Why?
  • Is there a hidden agenda?
  • Who benefits? How?
  • Who has voice/power? Who doesn’t?
  • Are there ethical concerns?
  • Which groups are included? Which are excluded? By whom? Why?
  • What social, historical, political, cultural, philosophical forces drive the above?
  • How might/does the issue affect urban education today?