relationship between critical thinking and creative thinking

relationship between critical thinking and creative thinking

You will select one of the topics covered in the Fall term of Fundamentals of learning and do a search for related information that speaks to the topic you have selected. The topic I chose is Mental Toughness.

Your search should contain a minimum of three “popular” information sources (such as items found through Google, Wikipedia, or other online source) and three “scholarly” resources (identified through a search of the York University library system.)

Your write-up of the research must include the following:

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(a) a statement of why you chose to write about the specific “big idea”;

(b) correct citations for both your popular and scholarly sources with page numbers;

(c) a summary of the central idea or thesis of each item you found;

(d) a short analysis of what your sources say about the topic you are researching; and

(e) a reflection on which source gave you the most useful information and why you think so.

Note: Be sure to indicate briefly, which is your popular source and which is your scholarly source, and why.


Write a 350-400 word journal discussing the relationship between critical thinking and creative thinking. Why does university put so much emphasis on critical thinking? Should we put more emphasis on creative thinking? Why or why not?