replay to email

Read the case and review the financial statement in attach THEN Respond to Luke’s email regarding financial aid. You should rely on outside research to address his questions and please cite the source .

Good evening,

Jen and I were speaking about Diane’s future college plans, we want her to go to a good school and we’re worried about how to pay for it. Jen is a little familiar with the different types of aid because of helping our other two kids, but I still have a couple questions about the process.

What types of federal aid are there?

Are we eligible for federal aid?

When the time comes how do we apply?

What can we be doing to prep for Diane going to school?

I know it’s early, but what will Diane need to do to prep for school? Is there anything she can do to get more aid?

What other resources are there for financial aid? How much could we get? Is there anything we could do to make sure we qualify?

I’d appreciate your answers to these questions. I’m just trying to get a handle on the current landscape of financial aid. Also, if you have any insight into how the landscape might change that would also be appreciated.



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