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I’m going to answer this question with relatively the same response from question one and that is to practice basic human right clauses. There are many reasons why individuals and most of the time whole families migrate to other countries. The reason can simply be to start a new life and economic or educational opportunities that they want to pursue. However, there are people who are forced to leave their home country for their safety and families safety. Political asylum seekers are those who are forced to leave their country because of corruption, social/political disturbances, or civil wars.

The laws of countries who are receiving asylum seekers should in some fashion cater to those who need help. The immigration process should be extremely firm to eliminate the potential rise of violence but also fair to allow those who are seeking protection to receive it. It also helps for the country that are accepting refugees to become familiar with human rights and equal opportunities for all. Practicing these basic principles will create a society that is shaped to help those in need and not disenfranchise others because they’re different. It would promote the exact opposite which is a fair, helpful, and just civilization. Thus, getting rid of the need for radical beliefs to begin with.

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