research and analyze activity measuring leadership and team performance

1.) Please choose two businesses or organizations, and research and compare/contrast their systems and protocol for measuring leadership. What do you consider to be the most effective aspects of their approach, and why?

You should also describe your opinion on current practices regarding executive compensation and packages. Please be sure to support your opinion and the rationale for your position.

2.) In addition to evaluating leadership, another tool to have in your leadership arsenal is that of an individual performance evaluation—based on the examples provided in the article below, please create an individual performance report template for at least one member of your team.

Please refer again to this article from the medical industry that provides guidelines and templates for this activity.

Please note that although your performance evaluations will address a specific specialty, they should also serve as a template that you can easily and quickly customize to adapt to the various specialties of your individual team members.

Post your evaluation worksheet/template here.

Post your findings here.

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