Research paper

Hello…My research topic is  the roles of oil companies in our economy. It is due in about 10 days.. These are are all the particulars…

The paper should have a logical flow to it, and make use of appropriate 

headings and subheadings. You should follow the suggested format described

below: (APA format)

1. Cover Page (1 page). Your report should include a cover sheet which 

should have: your name, the course name, the date, and the title of

your paper. Do not show the page number on this sheet.

2. Abstract (1page). Abstract should not exceed 200 words and should 

summarize the main point of your paper. Do not show the page number 

on this sheet.

3. Introduction (1 page). Start page numbering at

“1”. In the introduction you should:

– briefly introduce the economic issue to be analyzed;

– briefly describe the economic factors you will be utilizing in

your analysis;

– describe how your essay is organized, that is, what you are 

going to discuss in each of the following sections.

4. Discussion /Analytical Part (2-3 pages). It is recommended that you

break this part into several sections (and sub-sections) with appropriate

headings (sub- headings). In the discussion part, you should:

– carefully identify and describe the economic issue: What 

exactly does this mean?

Assess the positive and/or negative economic indicators: 

How may this information prove to be an 

incentive/deterrent for the economy?

– Analyze potential opportunities and threats that this information

poses for businesses: How are/should businesses respond to 


5. Summary and Conclusion (1-2 pages). Your analysis should lead to 

reasonable conclusions.

6. Reference /Bibliography should include the references that you cite, but

also a listing of the material that contributed to your body of knowledge. A 

minimum of (4) four different sources is required for this paper. Where did

you look for answers? If it helped you, please include a reference. Use of 

information from outside sources that is not attributed will be considered

plagiarism. The consequences of academic dishonest are discussed in 

the Student Manual.

Reference/Bibliography section should give full information. Authors of

articles and books and material without specific authors or editors, such 

as government documents, bulletins, or newspapers, are to be listed 

alphabetically. Include page numbers only when appropriate.

Be sure to acknowledge the source of all information from outside

sources either in footnotes or in the text. In-text quotations must

correspond exactly with the in working, spelling, and punctuation. Page

numbers must be given. Changes must be indicated: use brackets to 

identify insertions; ellipsis dots (…) to show omissions. Also indicate

where emphasis has been added. Only lengthy quotations (more than 

50 words) should be separated from the text; such quotations must be

double-spaced and indented at the left margin. References

to authors in the text must exactly match those in the

Reference/Bibliography section.

8. Appendices. Here you should place your tables, graphics (such as bar 

charts, trend lines, etc.) and any other important materials.

The text of your essay (the text only, that is, not including Abstract, Table

of Contents, Bibliography/References, Tables, Charts, and other

appendices) should be 4-8 pages. The text must be double spaced, fully 

justified, font style=Arial/Microsoft Sans Serif/Times New Roman, point 

size=12, page setup is Portrait, and 1 inch margins.

Avoid overcapitalization and excessive underlining or italics for emphas

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