research paper 845

due date Is on December 3rd (2400 words), 1st rough draft (1000 word) is due on Wednesday November 21, 2nd rough draft (2000 word) due on Monday November 26

For this essay you are being asked to consider intersectionality and the groups of people who are

affected by multiple forms of oppression; you will be expected to develop an argument about one

particular group and how they are affected by taking an intersectional approach to evaluating

how they are oppressed in our society. In order to construct an argument about this group of

people and their experiences, you will need to develop your criteria for research, a research

proposal, and an annotated bibliography.

Writing Task

Using an intersectional approach select a group of people who experience three forms of

oppression and answer the following questions: What are the forms of oppression this

group faces? Who is responsible for their oppression? How does this oppression affect

them? What can be done to improve this groups quality of life?

he final essay must be 2400 words, typed, single-spaced, 12 point-font Times New Roman, and

one-inch margins. In order to answer the above question you will need to research and use a

minimum of 6 sources (4 must be academic sources)

Things to Keep in Mind


Develop a complex thesis/hypothesis which answers the above question and revise your

thesis while you research and again once your research is complete.


You will need to develop of list of questions that pertain to the group you selected and

attempt to find answers to them through your research.


You will need to provide definitions as they were referred to in our textbook and create

sound arguments.


The organization of your essay will be very important, please refer to the chapter for



Before you develop your rough draft you will need to outline this essay by developing your

criteria and deciding what order will strengthen your argument.


You will need to use the Library Database to find academic articles.

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