Retail Pollution Effects on the Environment Essay

Retail Pollution Effects on the Environment Essay

These are the instructions:

Students will complete a 8-10 (double spaced) page final paper dealing with an environmental issue from a sociological viewpoint. This paper will require research, however it is an analytic paper. This means that it will consist of:

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(i) description of the issue (most likely from a natural scientific point of view); and

(ii) sociological analysis that rests on one or more of the theories/ concepts that we covered in the class throughout the semester.

The topic/question I chose is “How does retail pollution affect the environment?” Most materials/citations need to come from a journal article, not random websites (the journal can be online, though). The concepts I chose to relate this issue to are:

The concept of “risk” in Ulrich Beck’s, “From industrial society to the risk society: Questions of survival, social structure and ecological enlightenment.”

The concept of “nature vs. culture” in the Bensuade and Newman piece

*The paper heavily depends on including these sociological ideas into how they affect the environmental problem. Using these articles is very important*