review the case kookie kutter bakery crunch time answer the below questions using the attached template

After your analysis of the case, prepare a response to the following questions:

1) Can Ceretti afford to develop new cookies?

2) Would developing new cookies and investing in more marketing potentially reap sufficient benefits for Kookie Kutter Bakery?

3) What should be recommended to Ceretti to continue growing his business and to succeed in the future?

4) What is data percolation? How did the marketing agency hired by Ceretti use data percolation?

5) If Ceretti were to reconduct the marketing agency’s experiments, what changes or improvements to the experiment would you suggest?

In your response to these questions, be as thorough as possible. In case analysis, you always want to support your answers with a cited source. In addition, utilize material from the chapter readings in your response.


Post your 7+ page (double-spaced) response to these questions USING ATTACHED TEMPLATE

TWO or more AUTHORED references used and cited clearly within the paper. References go beyond web sites and are Marketing references. Your textbooks may be used. If the authored reference is not cited, it does not count! An authored source is one where a human’s name is associated with the writing. A general web site like the United States Census Bureau is a good source, but it is not associated with a specific human’s name and thus it would be fine to use, but you still would need two authored sources.

APA format (1” margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, and more)


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