Rewrite the following in your own words

Rewrite the following in your own words


Given your knowledge/skills/experience/confidence at the start of these courses, which course objectives look familiar to you already? (Objectives can be viewed under the Syllabus link.)

After reviewing the course objectives of Schedule Management, I am confident that I will be exploring new topics in the Project Management field of study. I have supported and assisted the stakeholders in preparing Project Charters and Work breakdown structure. Yet I am excited to learn the “How-To” in-depth. Each organization is different and come across unique projects. I have seen a Work break down structure created differently for different projects even within an organization. However it will be interesting to study the best practices on preparing a WBS.

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Given your knowledge/skills/experience/confidence at the start of these courses, which course objectives look either difficult or completely unfamiliar to you? (Once again, objectives can be viewed in the Syllabus.)

Of all the course objectives of Schedule Management, the one that seems to be most challenging or I am more apprehensive about is on preparing or formulating a Responsibility Assignment matrix. I have no prior experience in preparing the same, hence learning to do will be interesting and excited to know how, where and when they would be prepared. How it will impact the Project Execution, if it is worth creating for projects?, is there a format that organizations follow? What should be the components of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix(RAM). Another area that seems perplexing to me is how Schedule co-relates in the managing projects risks. It is exciting to learn the qualitative and quantitative techniques for Risk management while assessing from Schedule perspective.


How do these courses fit into your career plans and dreams? Are the objectives crucial to your success, or will accomplishing the objectives simply mean good general background information for you?

Topics that interests me the most is on successfully understanding the ways of monitoring schedule and cost performance using earned value techniques. I am excited to know how a Project Schedule Management plan will be formulated. As a Project Manager, will following to the Schedule closing affect the Project success, will it be possible or feasible to even stick to the Schedule Plan. The outcome of this course is not only having a good general; background on the subject but will benefit me in being a successful Project Manager.

What are your thoughts as you set out to accomplish these objectives?

As I acquire working knowledge on creating and developing a Schedule Management plan, I will able to follow the Schedule development steps and provide a comprehensive list of all the elements of a project in order to be a success. I will be in a position to better understand the project milestones, create a work breakdown structure, Responsibility Assignment Matrix and a Project Implementation plan. I will be in a position to coach the team and direct them towards achieving the goal of the project. Good PM will be able to appreciate a good plan, because one cannot start on a long journey without proper planning so we don’t get lost while trying to reach the destination.