Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

 Every individual involved in academia-no matter what the academic field is-partakes in critical thinking. Part of critical thinking involves reading, listening to and observing another person’s writing, speech, presentation-or other piece of creative work-and analyzing and evaluating it. For this first essay, you will focus on an author’s written and published short text. We will practice some rhetorical analyses in class. Your assignment for Essay 1 is to pick an academic field of interest and to analyze a short text that deals with a current, somewhat controversial issue in that specific academic field. In constructing your analysis of the text, consider the following:

  • What is the issue/argument?
  • How does the author present his/her argument? (What kinds of persuasive strategies, appeals and language does he/she use to present the argument?)
  • What is the author’s purpose? How does he/she accomplish the purpose(s)?
  • Who is the author’s intended audience?
  • How effective is the author in persuading his/her intended audience?

You should go to the library and review some academic journals of your chosen discipline in order to familiarize yourself with the background and context of the text you will analyze. In your analysis, you will write as though you are submitting an article to be published in one of the current journals of your academic field.

Helpful hints:

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  1. Analyzeyour chosen text, DO NOT merely summarize and DO NOT argue for or against the issue presented in the text you analyze.
  2. Remember to work with the Toulmin Model AND Rhetorical Appeals.
  3. Be creative and original; please do not choose a text that deals with overdone issues such as abortion or the death penalty.


Your essay must be double-spaced, 4-5 pages in length (12 pt. font) and include an original/creative title.


This is the link about the article that I choose.


Please make sure ANALYSE the text,