Risk Analysis Management Project

Risk Analysis Management Project

One of the most important first steps to risk management and implementing is risk assessment. You are required to perform a risk assessment on one particular IT system (ERP)You can either follow a qualitative or quantitative method (select the methodology based on assessment needs). Before progressing with the RA, you need to complete two preliminary actions:

  1. Define the assessment.
  2. Review previous findings if available

Then start preforming the risk assessment in detail as it has been explained to you during the lectures (chapter 5 and chapter 6)

  1. Identify the management structure (optional)
  2. Identify assets and activities to address.
  3. Identify and evaluate relevant threats.
  4. Identify and evaluate relevant vulnerabilities.
  5. Identify and evaluate relevant countermeasures.
  6. Evaluate risks.
  7. Develop recommendations to mitigate risks
  8. 8. Present recommendations to management (optional)
  9. Remember to follow the best practices for risk assessment as explained to you during lectures (i will share the slide )

report format

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  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Titles and subtitles size: 14
  • Main body size:12
  • Text must be justified
  • Pages must be numbed
  • Black colour ONLY
  • Line and paragraph Spacing: 1
  • Make sure your work is free of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • It is expected that you write in an academic style
    • At the end of the report make sure to include a list of the references (Harvard style)
    • no PLAGIARISM please