running an independent samples t test

Run a descriptive statistics and an independent-samples t test using the IT Security dataset. The independent-samples t test procedure compares means for two groups of cases; for example, when testing a new drug, a researcher may compare results from a treatment group with the results of a placebo (control) group.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review Lesson 24, “Independent-Samples t test,” in the Green and Salkind text.
  • Consider how descriptive statistics inform the researcher.
  • Review the media, The t Test for Independent Samples.
  • Review the Assignment Exemplar document provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper using the Assignment Exemplar:

Your paper must include the following elements:

  • An APA Results section for Independent Samples t test. (See an example of an APA Results section on page 160 in the Green and Salkind text.)
  • The critical elements of your SPSS output, including:
    • A properly formatted research question
    • A properly formatted H10 (null) and H1a (alternate) hypothesis
    • A descriptive statistics narrative and properly formatted descriptive statistics table
    • A properly formatted box plot (see page 128 of the Green and Salkind text)
    • A properly formatted inferential APA Results Section (see page 128 of the Green and Salkind text)
    • An appendix including the SPSS output generated for descriptive and inferential statistics (see SPSS output on page 128 of the Green and Salkind text)
  • Be sure your APA Results section includes the governing assumptions of the test you ran.

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